What is occupational therapy?

“But I’m retired, I don’t need a job!” Contrary to how the name sounds, occupational therapy has little to do with an actual job. “Occupation” can be used to define anything that occupies your time! Which means the opportunities are almost endless. Because Quality Independence Therapy focuses on older adults, typical occupations include basic life tasks such as showering, toileting, dressing, grooming/hygiene as well as higher level tasks such as cooking and laundry. Our favorite areas to address, however, are leisure activities (anything you enjoy or do for fun!). This can even include learning to use technology! Quality Independence Therapy comes to the clients’ homes to teach them to perform these tasks SAFELY, INDEPENDENTLY, and EFFICIENTLY. Many older adults reduce their participation in these tasks due to falls/fear of falls, fatigue, depression, pain, and/or anxiety. Quality Independence Therapy teaches clients to overcome these limitations in order to maximize overall QUALITY of life, happiness, and INDEPENDENCE.